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Floyd is rocking on with an all-new show...

The Pink Floyd Experience returns to Australia and New Zealand in 2017 with a brand new show.

We also celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Pink Floyd’s Animals album (23 Jan 1977). Having performed numerous Floyd shows such as The Wall, The Back Catalogue, The Dark Side of The Moon, Wish You Were Here and more recently the very successful Pulse Tour, The Experience return with their biggest and best show yet.

Our Animals 40th Anniversary tour features Pink Floyd’s three most iconic albums, Animals, Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here. These three albums would be regarded by many as Pink Floyd’s finest works, each album a masterpiece. They are performed by world-class musicians, augmented by a stellar crew of the best sound and lighting techs with absolute state-of-the-art equipment.

Putting it simply, this is a Pink Floyd fan’s dream concert. Three complete Floyd albums performed just as they were meant to be listened to, in their entirety, from start to finish. Add to this all the other elements of a Pink Floyd concert, stunning sound, lighting and visuals and an 11-piece band with impeccable attention to detail and you’ve got one hell of a show!

Once you have seen The Experience perform live the deep passion they have for all things Floyd will be only too obvious. You will hear some of Pink Floyd’s biggest hits skilfully delivered with the utmost respect. Timeless hits like Money, Time, Wish You Were Here, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Dogs, Sheep, Great Gig In The Sky and Brain Damage, all performed live exactly as they were originally recorded.

Every detail, every subtlety and nuance, each and every note is captured perfectly, from Rick Wright’s delicate piano work to David Gilmour’s soaring guitar solos. And accompanied by vocals that sound uncannily like both Waters and Gilmour, drenched in beautiful backing vocals and harmonies that will make the hairs on your neck stand up.

2017 also marks the 20th Anniversary of the Pink Floyd Experience. What started off as a one off show eventually turned into an international touring monster thanks to the loyal support of so many amazing people. In that time we have met many wonderful people and made lots of good friends so we wanted to do something really special. We invite you to come celebrate this milestone with us and these three amazing albums. You won’t be disappointed!

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FAR OUT GUYS!!!! Talk about amazing, I was like many other Floyd fans off to the show, not really expecting to have my socks blown off. Awesome show! Having not being able to see the real David Gilmour troop now I feel I don’t need to. You guys filled the bill only thing was 3hrs plus just wasn’t long enough... ”

“You have really pushed the envelope with the lights and special effects. It was truly amazing!!!! The set list was fantastic. Most, if not all, my favorite numbers... but I guess others think similar and that is why you played them. The band played tremendously, such energy!!”

“It wasn't very good, it was bloody awesome! My 2 sons and I were blown away by the nearly 3 hour show. Your version of Echoes was mesmerising and Comfortably Numb was stunning. In fact every song was great. You guys (and ladies) have a lot to be proud of.”

“This music ‘pulses’ in the veins of the audience even after the show has ended. The show is a must see for all Pink Floyd fans. This is no mere tribute show... Five stars is even a bit of an understatement.”

Jaylin de Klerk, Artslink 2011