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2009 Back Catalogue Tour

Hi Guys, We saw your show in Wellington this weekend 23rd May the show was awesome. We look forward to your next one, this was our 3rd concert. Keep up the great work, we look forward the 4th one.

B&S Henderson

What can I say! Last nights performance in Wellington was outstanding. To Steph, and the girls, you did Clare Tory proud last night. Your performance of Great Gig in the Sky was absolutely amazing! It has always been one of my favorite Floyd songs and I have always been very critical of that song as Clare’s vocals are amazing and yet she disappeared. I have only heard 3 versions that have blown me away, the 1st is the original 2nd was Katie Kisson at Roger Waters 2007 and last nights totally awesome job. The work from the whole band was fantastic and I can’t wait for the next lot of shows, Keep up the good work and long may it continue. Till next time God bless.

Just wanted to thank you all, band, vocalists and crew, for the great show last night in Wellington! The early Floyd was great, plus favourites from Dark Side and The Wall, etc (the background animation and lighting for Brain Damage was especially appropriate!). Think the light show and the visuals are going from strength to strength – really good design and I liked the way the edges of the image were not obviously defined but simply blended in with the background – this worked really well in Money – just the greenback slowly rotating throughout the song! Band was awesome and vocalists Steph, Bella and Wini are incredible – Great Gig in the Sky absolutely blew me away! And the way you saved the special feature of the glitter ball on the back of the circular screen for the encore! Pure theatre and a real bonus for those that waited to the end (and called for more)! Big congrats to the band and the whole crew (yes, saw Nev looking after the Gnometronics display from the top of the amp) for a job well done!! Cheers, Mike

Hi, My wife and I came to see you show in Wellington last night. (I last saw you in Wanganui in about 1998.) Your show was brilliant. It is not just the great Floyd music, but the way you play it, the stage set up and clearly your passion for the music. Simply amazing! Thank you very very much !!!

FAR OUT GUYS!!!! Talk about amazing, I was like many other Floyd fans off to the show, not really expecting to have my socks blown off. Awesome show! I have been bought up with Floyd as my childhood music, right from day dot. Having not being able to see the real David Gilmour troop now I feel I don’t need to. You guys filled the bill only thing was 3hrs plus just wasn’t long enough for all the greats. But big ups to the girls for Great Gig in the Sky, I always get goose bumps hearing the original and last night’s performance was mind blowing. See you when guys back in the bay next. Keep up the fantastic work.

Hi Carl Forster here, last night I went to the concert in Napier and was overwhelmed by the act it was almost as if the originals were there.

Hi. Just come from the Taupo concert and it was fantastic! Thanks for your time and effort to bring that ray of sunshine. Cheers, Bazza

Hey guys, what an absolutely awesome show, and getting better every time I see yous. Everything was exactly spot on. Keep up the mind blowing performance and thanks again... Brett.

Great gig in Nelson. It was tremendous/awesome.

Just to let you know really enjoyed the show Saturday night awesome as always. Cheers Graeme.

What an awesome show in Tauranga last night. You have really pushed the envelope with the lights and special effects. It was truly amazing!!!! The set list was fantastic. Most, if not all, my favorite numbers... but I guess others think similar and that is why you played them. The band played tremendously, such energy!! And the backing vocal changes, Bella and Wini, were just great! Wini packs a huge vocal punch for her size. You guys really put on a great show. I saw you here in 2007, saw you last night and will continue to see you when next in the Bay of Plenty.

Hi guys, I was at your Waitakere Concert on Saturday night, have not seen you before but had a fantastic time. I’m a very very big fan of the Animals album and to hear Dogs and Sheep played live so well was the highlight for me, I thought you guys were really tight and did a great job. I will make a point of coming to another show as soon as you’re back. Hopefully not too far away. Cheers for a great night! Ben

Hi, I went to the show at Trusts Stadium on Saturday night - fantastic performance and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks, and once again, great show! Adam

Saw your show at Waitakere Stadium on Saturday night and was absolutely blown away by how good you guys were. I took my 26 year old son and we sat next to a guy (5 rows from the front!) who said he'd seen you 4 times before and Pink Floyd themselves at Western Springs and he gave you big ups so we were full of anticipation, but by the end of the show couldn't believe how fantastic the whole show was, the quality of the musicianship was amazing, both vocalists outstanding, even the backup singers were top notch! Bought both cds after the show, only wish you had a dvd! I own Pulse, In the Flesh, and Remember That Night on dvd, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much visually, but your light show and graphic displays were great! Best $75 I’ve ever spent, and when you’re back on your next tour, I'll be there again! Thanks a bunch for a fantastic night.

Hey team. Totally awesome performance on Friday night in Auckland. I was absolutely blown away. Brought my son (16) who is learning the guitar and has started with a few DG bits – Wish you were here, Comfortably numb, etc. He said it was “mean”. I think your rendition of Echoes and Great Gig in the Sky were more inspiring than those on DG’s live in Gdansk. Fantastic guys – thank you so much. Best concert I have been to in long time! Hope you get a buzz out of performing it - feels like you do on the audience side of the stage. Hey I meant to buy a poster of you chaps with the painted backs - I wanted to frame it and hang it below the framed PF Back Catalogue posted with the girls. I forgot to buy it. Can I buy one through you or somewhere? Please email me: Peter...

Hi guys Thank you for one of the best concerts of my life on Friday night at the Bruce Mason Centre. It wasn't very good, it was bloody awesome. My 2 sons and I were blown away by the nearly 3 hour show. Your version of Echoes was mesmerising and Comfortably Numb was stunning. In fact every song was great. You guys (and ladies) have a lot to be proud of. Thank you and I can't wait for the next tour. Regards Dean

When its time, you boys will be the number one Floyd band globally. All the best!

Fantastic at Waitakere last night. Authentic and brilliant.

First things first; Well done for a top gig at the Bruce Mason Centre last night. Impressed at you guys rolling out Fearless- I seem to recall reading somewhere that Pink Floyd never played those filler tracks on Meddle live. Highlights were, Echoes and the old Barrett stuff.

HIYA GUYS took my family along to watch the Pink Floyd Experience at the Bruce Mason Theatre last night. It was a stunning show! I saw you in Hamilton a couple years back when you did the WALL tour and was impressed then. However last night you surpassed yourselves. The lighting was a smaller version of a typical PF show but none the less, was technically brilliant. I joked to my son that all we needed to now make it perfect was a laser to fire out and lo and behold...

I went to see Roger Waters show in Albany and although the music was good the “effects” were very limited. We come to expect a visual treat anytime PF are on stage and I felt let down by Roger Waters. Last night’s show however was the perfect visual treat and full credit to the technical team.

My two sons one of whom (Oliver the 12 year old) knows all the words to DSOM and this was his first rock concert. We was goggle eyed and singing along with his dad. He got particularly vocal during LEARNING TO FLY one of his favorites. As a drummer he is learning that one and actually practising as I type!

Speaking of DSOM. I was sure that a lot of the people who were there last night were there purely for a live rendition of DSOM?? Certainly the people around me! They were very inanimate during the first half of the show and whispered conversations of “which on is this?” were common. The lady in the row in front of me seemed to be having a good time though (SMILES) and was almost rocking her chair (the ones not bolted down GRIN) in time with mine... It was good to hear both of the Sid Barret songs. They were played with the often “manic” but gutsy guitar style we expected from SID and DAZ did an excellent job. For me however the highlight of the whole evening was ECHOES... played brilliantly well by the whole band. In the PINK FLOYD LIVE IN POMPEII DVD the band open with ECHOES and as the keyboard and guitar play that ethereal opening the camera moves behind all the tech gear and you get a glimpse of the band in between the packing cases and sound gear. Last night when Echoes was playing I closed my eyes and I could perfectly see that camera pan. I looked to my left and even my eldest son (Thomas 15) was singing the opening words “overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air...”

Full credit to the guys a Hauraki for supporting you. I listen to them every day and have even managed to win a couple of competitions as well. Enjoy the rest of the tour!

Adrian Steel

Hi Guys. Just wanted to drop you a line after attending the New Plymouth Show on Thursday night – another stand out performance – we have attended every show you have performed in New Plymouth and one in Wellington and it just keeps getting better and better. Once again we took along some “first timers” and they were blown away – we told them they would thank us big time for recommending they go! Loved "Arnold Layne" – brilliant.You did play one track in the first half which I don't think I have ever heard – had Rob on acoustic – can you tell me the track title/album it is from? I wasn’t able to get a programme on Thurs nite and have waded through my collection this morning but can’t find anything that rings a bell.

You all did an amazing job – loved your new vocalists.

Shine On You Crazy Diamonds!
Lea Macartney
Hawera, Taranaki

2nd time to your show in christchurch, absolutely faultless and damn great, ive seen the real floyd live and trust me you guys are better! (and trust me floyd were awesome) all the best with the rest of the tour and get back to chch asap, cos i dont want to wait another 2 years!

hi there, i was lucky enough to be at the concert in chch last friday nite and was completely blown away. i cant speak highly enough, i will definitly go again if you come back. at the concert you had t-shirts etc for sale but silly me didnt have enough money with me. was wondering where i could get some, can’t find any on your website?? thanks so much again.


Guys & Girls, My son and I thoroughly enjoyed the show you put on in Dunedin last night!You are all a class act and we look forward to seeing you in Dunedin again!Thanks for a great night!

John and Alex Freeland

Hi Guys/Gals,We just wanted to say that last night's show in Invercargill (25/04/2009) was absolutely brilliant – right from the first note played. That is, the music, lighting, stage show, the whole lot!! And that also includes the encore. The Pink Floyd Experience shows are ALWAYS fantastic but I think that this one proves that Pink Floyd themselves would really struggle to make a show as good as we experienced last night. We can’t wait for the next visit, it can’t come soon enough.

Thanks so much,
Don and Brenda Hamilton.

Previous Tours

Hi Guys,

Saw your show in South Africa, Brilliant! So good I had to see it 3 times.

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to write and say thanks for an amazing experience in South Africa. After seeing you the first time, we immediately booked to see you again - and it was worth every cent. Although I am sure that you are told this all the time, I thought I'd just tell you again: you are amazing musicians.

Best wishes
Graham Alexander
Associate Professor, University of the Witwatersrand


It's Ben here from Bloemfontein in South Africa. I drove 400km to Johannesburg to see your show, and it was worth it every minute! You've got a fantastic band with one helluva performance. Good luck to you for the future, you realy deserve it.

Bye, hope to see you again!


I emailed you just before you came to South Africa to tell you how excited I was that you blokes were on your way here and you replied in much the same way.

Well, myself my wife and some friends finally got to see you all on Sunday 21, your last show, looked packed to me. Man O man, it was everything and more than what I expected. You guys simply were brilliant. You've probably heard that before, but I breathe Pink Floyd and you guys do the lads justice with your imaginative rendition. I reckon you guys should do another tour here and visit other venues and expand... it will be as successful as your JHB stint.

I must let you know, it was heartwarming to see so many kids in the audience. You guys and gals must feel great, knowing that the Pink Floyd sound is reaching new generations, people that can carry the music forward and teach their friends about it.

Well done to the lot of you and thank you.


Hi guys

I caught your show on Sunday afternoon in Joburg. What a fantastic performance! You guys are brilliant. I hope you are enjoying your time in SA and will come back again.

Thanks again for an awesome concert.


Good morning!

I saw your show live in Johannesburg on Saturday 13th August! An awesome show. I want to congratulate all the musicians:

  • Lead singer – Awesome singing and interpretation
  • Guitarist – great playing and attitude on stage
  • Bassist - well played!
  • Drummer/singer - great voice and drumming was excellent
  • Keyboardist - Nice man... nice!
  • Saxophinist - You murdered that sax... awesome!
  • Backing vocalists - Good job!
  • Actors/stagehands/crew/lighting/etc. - Terrific and professional!
  • Anyone else I forgot - GREAT JOB!

I expected a good concert, but it exceded my expectations! Thank you for a great concert for me and my girlfriend!

Joel (Johannesburg 2005)

Hey guys!

We saw the Pink Floyd Exprience last night and was so blown away that we are going again on 19 August. Well done, it is not only an awesome show and production, but the music and vocals unbelievable!

Chris Smal

To the Pink Floyd Experience

Congratulations ! What a show. Spot-on re-creation.

Some friends and I attended your Johannesburg show on Friday 5 August. It was a mind-blowing, truly magnificent and professional performance. Each and every cast member stood out, and with Stan delivering an awesome performance. Great, great stuff.

Here's wishing you everything of the best for all your future performances.

Keep on Rocking
Les Purchase & friends
(Ellisras - South Africa)

We had the joy of seeing your show in Jo’burg on Fri night and it was so Awesome, we absolutely enjoyed the show. Everything was Perfect, each note, the voices the Experience.

What else can we say! Thanks for Blowing us away! Good Luck for all future shows!


To all involved with the tour to South Africa :

A friend and myself went to see “The experience” yesterday afternoon at the JHB Civic theatre, all I can say is “ WOW”, absolutely fantastic, flawless production, well done to all of you. It was a rare treat.

Best regards
Graham Lucas

P.S. Truly professional guys and girls, to be able to keep the same energy levels all the time after years of touring – fantastic, hope you go from strength to strength.


I have just come back from seeing the show in Johannesburg South Africa and it was excellent, congrats on a great show, it was well worth its money and brought back many memories to me not only of the LP but of the movie too.

Special thanks to the cast and those who helped put it together

A Pink Floyd Fan

hi there.

saw the show in johannesburg south africa and it was totally a mind blowing experience. I was speechless at interval and very emotional with my daughter. I am 56 years old and it brought back many memories of the original band and the wall concert in Berlin Germany. anyway may God bless you and all the bandmembers in the work u are doing.

Nick Hagemeier
P.O.Box 3232
Free State
South Africa

Dear Band members,

Having attended the concert at the Civic Theatre (Nelson Mandela) in Jhb on Thursday 4th August, I have to express my utter admiration for the excellence of the show in every respect! It is my opinion that the band simply stunned!! the audience with AWESOME showmanship and only The original Pink Floyd could equal the performance. I say that with respect.

Very well done to the guys and gals from New Zealand for a Tremendous show which will live on forever in our memories.

Look forward to a future visit to our country.

Kind regards to you all.
Wayne and Debbie.


We went to see The Pink Floyd Experience last night in Johannesburg at the Nelson Mandela Theatre and all we can say is WOW!

What an outstanding, brilliant show!


To all the members of The Pink Floyd Experience

I've attended your concert in Johannesburg last Friday (29th July). Really enjoyed it! Thank you for putting such a professional show together and for touring in South Africa! I'll bring some more friends back before the August 21st.

Also, I appreciate the fact that you don't overplay the fact that you’re Christians. That would make it cheap.

Kind regards
Eben Steyn

Oooh man I went to the best concert I have seen in aaaaaaaages on Friday night!! The Pink Floyd Experience, man it rocked!! The show is New Zealand based and is sort of like a tribute show, but much better.

For the first hour they played a bunch of Pink Floyd classics, opening with the only possible track; Shine On You Crazy Diamond!! But the majority of the show was an incredible re-enactment of The Wall, the entire rock opera written by Pink Floyd in 1979. As well as just recreating the Pink Floyd sound (which they do so amazingly), The Pink Floyd Experience takes it one step further with amazing lightshows and a complete stage performance that is really awe-inspiring.

Comfortably Numb was probably the highlight, done so well and the guitarist took about 5 minutes of extra poetic license on the second solo. Hey You was also great, but I was a little let down when they didn't do When the Tigers Broke Free.

And for absolute class, just as the real Floyd used to do it, over the entire show they built a wall up with boxes in front of the band, then right at the end crashed the whole thing down.

Then the band said their good-byes and tried to leave, no not a chance. The call for an encore was even more deafening than the band playing, so they decided they couldn't say no to it. The guys came back out and did a few more Floyd classics, Wish You Were Here and Money to round of an awesome night.

All in all it was one of the most fantastic concerts I've been to, probably mostly because I am a Floyd fanatic, but it was still a great night in any case. So if you hear about The Pink Floyd Experience in your city, because I believe they are going on a world tour sometime soon, it is a must see. For the Floyd fan you cannot live without seeing it, but for everyone else I highly recommend it.

Take it easy everyone!!

Went to the concert with a friend in Wellington. What can I say... you guys and girls are just awesome! My head and feet just would not stop until it was time to go. I was totally awestruck at the quality of the show. Go to South Africa and give them what you gave us. May your trip over be smooth and enjoyable. God Bless you all. Today I am Comfortably Numb for seeing you guys. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Just call me Pink!