Pink Floyd Cover Band - Australia

The Greatest Pink Floyd Cover Band in Australia is Back in Action

Many musicians have made names for themselves over the course of rock music’s storied history, but there has never been an act like Pink Floyd. One of the most ground breaking bands to ever hit the music scene, Pink Floyd turned the heads of critics and captured the hearts of audiences everywhere with their unique sound and legendary musicianship. For decades, Pink Floyd has been one of the most famous names in the music industry, but the deaths of several key members and the band’s retirement have crushed fans’ hopes of seeing them live. That’s all about to change though—with the return of Australia’s greatest Pink Floyd cover band.

New fans of Floyd and diehards from back in the day will be thrilled by the new tour from The Pink Floyd Experience. Produced by In the Flesh Productions Ltd, The Pink Floyd Experience has put together a show and ensemble that deftly recaptures the atmosphere, the magic—and most importantly, the music, of this amazing band. Already touring veterans, The Pink Floyd Experience will build on the success of past shows like Pulse, The Back Catalogue and The Wall with a new production in 2017. The Animals 40th Anniversary tour promises to be the band’s most impressive accomplishment to date, with material from three of Floyd’s greatest albums. This tour is a dream come true for Pink Floyd fans throughout Australia.

In the Flesh is committed to producing some of the highest quality live tours in the country, and our work with The Pink Floyd Experience is a perfect example of our attention to detail. This visually stunning new tour will be a treat for your senses, as well as an authentic way to experience some of the greatest music written in the modern age.

A Pink Floyd Cover Band with an Extensive Repertoire

Every fan of Pink Floyd has their favourite albums and songs, so The Pink Floyd Experience goes out of their way to learn a wide variety of the band’s greatest hits and deepest cuts. Those of you looking for an immersive, high-concept experience will also be thrilled to hear that The Pink Floyd Experience will play three of the band’s amazing albums in their entirety during the Animals 40th Anniversary Tour: Animals, Dark Side of the Moon, and Wish You Were Here. You’ll be able to sit back, close your eyes and listen to these masterpieces as though you’re with the band themselves.

Your Favourite Floyd Songs the Way You’ve Always Wanted - Live

Listening to Money or Shine On You Crazy Diamond on vinyl is fine for a night at home with the stereo, but The Pink Floyd Experience brings these hits to life with an 11-piece ensemble that works tirelessly to make each note sound truly authentic. Get your tickets for this fantastic tour today by contacting In the Flesh, and experience the resurrection of some of rock’s biggest icons.